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  • Tyre description

    The Premio ARZ 1 provides a safe, quiet and comfortable ride for passenger vehicles.

    Silica added to the tread compound provides improved grip in the wet and reduces rolling resistance.

    The large block pattern design on the shoulders of the tyre ensures greater stability and handling.

  • Additional sizes
    165/70R13 20+ in stock $119.00 ea.
    175/60R13 3 in stock $119.00 ea.
    185/70R13 18 in stock $139.00 ea.
    155/70R13 20+ in stock $99.00 ea.
    155/80R13 20+ in stock $99.00 ea.
    145/70R13 11 in stock $99.00 ea.
    165/65R13 8 in stock $99.00 ea.
    165/80R13 9 in stock $119.00 ea.
    165/60R14 4 in stock $109.00 ea.
    165/65R14 20+ in stock $119.00 ea.
    165/70R14 19 in stock $119.00 ea.
    175/70R14 13 in stock $109.00 ea.
    185/60R14 20+ in stock $119.00 ea.
    185/65R14 20+ in stock $119.00 ea.
    185/70R14 20+ in stock $109.00 ea.
    195/60R14 Out of stock $119.00 ea.
    195/70R14 20+ in stock $159.00 ea.
    205/60R14 10 in stock $139.00 ea.
    205/70R14 13 in stock $179.00 ea.
    155/70R14 20 in stock $119.00 ea. $79.00 ea.
    215/70R14 3 in stock $179.00 ea.
    155/65R14 13 in stock $109.00 ea.
    195/65R14 20+ in stock $159.00 ea.
    165/60R15 9 in stock $109.00 ea. $66.00 ea.
    175/55R15 20+ in stock $119.00 ea.
    195/55R15 17 in stock $149.00 ea.
    215/60R15 20+ in stock $179.00 ea.
    215/70R15 14 in stock $189.00 ea.
    225/60R15 Out of stock $219.00 ea.
    185/55R15 20+ in stock $129.00 ea.
    205/65R15 20+ in stock $149.00 ea.
    165/50R15 Out of stock $119.00 ea.
    205/50R15 1 in stock $139.00 ea.
    175/50R15 20+ in stock $119.00 ea.
    145/65R15 20+ in stock $99.00 ea.
    205/60R15 18 in stock $179.00 ea.
    205/70R15 20+ in stock $159.00 ea.
    185/60R15 20+ in stock $129.00 ea.
    215/65R15 19 in stock $169.00 ea.
    165/65R15 5 in stock $119.00 ea. $79.00 ea.
    175/60R15 7 in stock $129.00 ea.
    195/50R15 20+ in stock $149.00 ea.
    195/60R16 20+ in stock $159.00 ea.
    185/55R16 13 in stock $139.00 ea.
    205/60R16 20+ in stock $169.00 ea.
    205/65R16 19 in stock $179.00 ea.
    215/65R16 20+ in stock $189.00 ea.
    225/60R16 3 in stock $219.00 ea. $160.99 ea.
    205/80R16 10 in stock $219.00 ea.
    185/50R16 19 in stock $129.00 ea. $79.00 ea.
    195/55R16 20+ in stock $159.00 ea.
    205/55R16 20+ in stock $149.00 ea.
    215/60R16 20+ in stock $179.00 ea.
    235/60R16 20+ in stock $219.00 ea.
    225/65R17 20+ in stock $219.00 ea.
    215/60R17 4 in stock $199.00 ea.
    225/60R17 20+ in stock $199.00 ea.
    215/65R17 Out of stock $229.00 ea.
  • Tyre specifications

    Performance Rating

    Wet Rating (Road)
    Dry Rating (Road)
    Noise Rating
    Handling Rating
    Comfort Rating


    Tread Type
  • Tyre warranty

    DTM Wheel and Tyre Ltd are the authorised distributor of Arivo tyres in New Zealand. DTM Wheel and Tyre provide a Pro-Rata Warranty on all Arivo tyres supplied by them in New Zealand. This warranty covers any resulting “manufacturing defect” in an Arivo tyre product for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture.

    DTM Wheel and Tyre warrant that they will provide a pro-rata adjustment on qualifying Arivo tyres which it determines have been removed prematurely from service for warrantable reasons, provided that the tyre has a minimum of 1.5mm tread depth remaining across the entire tread width.

    For the warranty period, the cost of replacement is pro-rata by crediting the owner for the percentage of legal tread depth remaining.

    DTM Wheel & Tyre’s Warranty on Arivo tyres covers conditions that require a tyre to be removed from service that are within the manufacturers' control of raw materials or quality of workmanship, and therefore excludes the following examples of service related issues outside the control of the manufacturer. These and any other service related issue are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

    • Uneven wear from “under and/or over inflation”
    • Uneven wear from “improper tyre balance”
    • Wheel alignment related shoulder wear or feathering
    • Premature shoulder wear caused by a lack of or insufficient positional rotation
    • Road Hazard related issues including punctures, cuts, impact damage, scrapes and/or bruises
    • Overloading of the tyre beyond its design parameters
    • Tyre failure due to under-inflation / puncture / driven on flat
    • Racing, off-roading, damage/use of snow chains

    The “Pro-rata Replacement” of any tyre determined to fall under this warranty and be accepted for a claim may, due to product lifespans, require replacement with an alternative pattern. This warranty covers only the affected tyre and does not extend to additional tyres that may be required due to the above, or cover resulting labour charges which are the responsibility of the owner.

    DTM Wheel and Tyre does not extend warranty to Arivo tyres which have been distributed in New Zealand by any other party.

    To enquire about a possible warranty claim, please contact the place of your original purchase or the DTM Wheel and Tyre Call Centre on 0800 621 233 for assistance. Supporting proof of purchase documentation will be required.

  • About ARIVO

    Arivo - Safety, Quality & Performance Go Together.

    Manufactured in China and powered by European advanced technology, Arivo manufacture tyres with the best cost performance for passenger, SUV and 4WD vehicles.

    Arivo tyres are sold in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

    Wherever you go, Arivo tyres will safely take you to your destination.

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