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  • Tyre description

    For when 10ths of a second count, the AZ850DR has the chops to get you to the finish! This D.O.T. compliant Drag Radial tire is ready to leave the competition in the dust.

    Atturo Tire Corp. is expanding its lineup of tires for muscle cars with a product designed for the drag strip.

    The AZ850DR is Atturo's first drag radial tire. Its directional tread design features an extra wide shoulder tread, large center contact strip and "ultra sticky" compound.

    The tire is DOT-compliant, and designed to complement Atturo's AZ850 on the rear tire. These staggered fitments are common for vehicles like the Dodge Challenger and Charger, Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro.

    Atturo says the AZ850DR will have one of the largest shoulder tread sections on the market, giving it plenty of grip to launch on the drag strip. The center tread channel provides straight-line stability through the run. And the tire's tread compound adds to that grip, on both the street and the strip.

    “From the beginning, the Atturo brand has always been about three things,” says Atturo Tire President Michael Mathis, “First, it’s about performance. Whatever market we’re in we want to make sure that our products perform the best. Second, we cater towards enthusiast markets. We look for segments where people really love their vehicles and want to do exciting things with their tires. And third, we focus on delivering value.”

    “People who own muscle cars, whether it’s a Challenger, Charger, Mustang or Camaro, are enthusiasts about their vehicle,” Mathis explains. “One thing they loved about Atturo is that we were delivering great value compared to the overpriced original equipment tires that they normally had on their vehicles. And we found the muscle car market to be like the Jeep segment – both are full of enthusiasts who love their vehicle and are highly likely to modify it.”

    Atturo says there are more than 1.8 million muscle cars on the road, and more than 44% of owners are likely to modify the vehicles, with the most likely modification being tires.

    The AZ850DR will be available in 18-, 19- and 20-inch wheel sizes that complement the existing AZ850 in staggered fitments. Production of the tire is set to begin in early 2022, and it will be available in time for the spring drag racing season.


  • Additional sizes
    315/40R18 2 in stock $733.95 ea. $609.01 ea.
    285/35R19 1 in stock $628.95 ea. $419.00 ea.
    305/30R19 1 in stock $775.95 ea. $539.00 ea.
    275/40R20 Out of stock $681.45 ea.
    285/30R20 Out of stock $670.95 ea.
    285/35R20 Out of stock $681.45 ea.
    305/30R20 4 in stock $765.45 ea. $539.00 ea.
    305/35R20 Out of stock $807.46 ea.
    315/30R20 Out of stock $828.45 ea.
    315/35R20 Out of stock $849.45 ea.
    335/30R20 Out of stock $954.44 ea.
  • Tyre specifications

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  • Tyre warranty

    DTM Wheel and Tyre Ltd are an authorised distributor of Atturo Tyres in New Zealand. DTM Wheel and Tyre provide a Pro-Rata Warranty on all Atturo Tyres supplied by DTM in New Zealand. This warranty covers any resulting “manufacturing defect” in an Atturo Tyre product for a period of 5 years from the date of manufacture.

    DTM Wheel and Tyre warrant that they will provide a pro-rata adjustment on qualifying Atturo tyre’s which it determines have been removed prematurely from service for warrantable reasons, provided that the tyre has a minimum of 1.5mm tread depth remaining across the entire tread width.

    For the warranty period, the cost of replacement is pro-rata by crediting the owner for the percentage of legal tread depth remaining.

    DTM Wheel & Tyre’s Warranty on Atturo Tyres covers conditions that require a tyre to be removed from service that are within the manufacturers' control of raw materials or quality of workmanship, and therefore excludes the following examples of service related issues outside the control of the manufacturer. These and any other service related issue are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

    • Uneven wear from “under and/or over inflation”
    • Uneven wear from “improper tyre balance”
    • Wheel alignment related shoulder wear or feathering
    • Premature shoulder wear caused by a lack of or insufficient positional rotation
    • Road Hazard related issues including punctures, cuts, impact damage, scrapes and/or bruises
    • Overloading of the tyre beyond its design parameters
    • Tyre failure due to under-inflation / puncture / driven on flat
    • Racing, off-roading, damage/use of snow chains

    The “Pro-rata Replacement” of any tyre determined to fall under this warranty and be accepted for a claim may, due to product lifespans, require replacement with an alternative pattern. This warranty covers only the affected tyre and does not extend to additional tyres that may be required due to the above, or cover resulting labour charges which are the responsibility of the owner.

    DTM Wheel and Tyre does not extend warranty to Atturo Tyres which have been distributed in New Zealand by any other party.

    To enquire about a possible warranty claim, please contact the place of your original purchase or the DTM Wheel and Tyre Call Centre on 0800 621 233 for assistance. Supporting proof of purchase documentation will be required.


  • About ATTURO

    Keeping performance within reach by continuous improvement and innovation, Atturo is a brand dedicated to the SUV, Cross Over and Light Truck (4x4) market.

    Based in Chicago, Atturo designs and manufactures a stylishly aggressive range of on and off-road tyres. The end product is the result of a unique vision and a combined 80+ years of tyre manufacturing experience and innovation. Atturo tyres are produced in a range of world-class factories and are tested and certified for global markets.

    Atturo are active in the motorsport scene and sponsor the competitive off-road truck racing event TORC.

    Whether you are replacing your tyres, or upgrading to a larger size, Atturo offers you a unique, quality tyre to enhance the performance and appearance of your vehicle.

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